WUEST is an association involved with transdisciplinary events in Halle, Germany and the city’s surroundings. While we all have origins in electronic and club music of various iterations, this project is meant to find new connections between forms of expression and event concepts within the city. We seek out unconventional venues for our projects to engage with meanings of different spaces.

Our initiatives are aimed at asking questions rather than providing ready-made answers. We believe in the importance of free expression for a healthy society and discourse. WUEST is meant as a platform for discussion as well as an interface between our region to the outside and vice-versa.

WUEST actively promotes diversity in arts, culture and life. This endeavour is meant to shape our surroundings as much as developing ourselves as members of society. We acknowledge that this is an ongoing process and hope to contribute to reach a more equal future.


WUEST e.V. | Geiststrasse 20 | 06108 Halle
Registernr.: VR 5746 | Amtsgericht Stendal | Sitz Halle (Saale)
Steuernr. 110/142/48996


Instagram: wuest_halle